Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

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So this is my first segment in what I hope is going to be a series of conditioning videos. The title of this post sums up my feelings about conditioning quite well “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Our kids need to be strong in order to achieve what we ask of them, but not only that, they need to be strong in the right ways and the right shapes. Conditioning is not something to slop through (much like flexibility), it isn’t something to just “get done.” Conditioning is what is going to give your athletes longevity in this sport, its going to be their foundation, and there are quite a number of reasons why it should be done WELL, including the fact that it will make your life as a coach easier.


This first video is a circuit John Geddert posted. I’m a huge fan of these kinds of circuits. I think they keep kids interested, moving and when I do them with kids at least, we seem to get more done. This is strictly a leg circuit but of course you can incorporate whatever stations you choose.

This second video is another video is a conditioning/injury prevention circuit that Justin Laury put together. Hopefully it will give you ideas for even more stations that you can put in your circuits. Make them creative, make them fun. But most of all, make sure that your kids are doing them correctly, and that they are getting the most benefit out of them they possibly can.

Some of my favorite conditioning tools:

Physio Balls // Therabands // Sliders
Ankle weights // Floor bars



  1. […] I think I’ve said this before (especially when I did this post), but I love conditioning circuits. I like it when all of the kids are doing different things. […]

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