Workouts During Quarantine: Part 1

Hi All,

I know we are all going a bit stir crazy not being in the gym, but coaches and gymnasts around the country and around the world have been putting out some amazing content to keep athletes healthy and fit in this time of quarantine. I obviously haven’t been able to watch every single workout, just because of the sheer number of things being posted online. It’s absolutely amazing. I am so proud of the gymnastics community for stepping up and trying to help athletes and coaches alike. That being said, I wanted to share a few that I have really liked myself. Please drop links in the comments section to your youtube page or favorite workouts. I want everyone to share as much as possible.


Precision South –

This is a great workout with a lot of skill-related movements which I think we can all appreciate right now. All of the stuff that we normally do with gymnasts with sliders can be done with paper plates at home. And the pike lifts at 2:36 are GREAT. That being said I like all the press work, and the work IN HANDSTAND is so necessary.

Another one from Precision South. Seriously putting out such good content. Easy to follow, full body, only 15 minutes, mixes things up for gymnasts. I also appreciate the shoulder/upper back work they do around 12 minutes. I think it gets missed a lot. Highly recommend.


ASF Gymnastics

This is a great 20 minute HIIT workout with so many things that I like. The bear crawl knee taps? SO GOOD. Such good core work. I like that there are a lot of explosive movements in these sequences, but I also appreciate that there is a lot of core work in there. This would be a great one to pass along to your kids.


Flyaways Gymnastics –

I like this strength workout from Juston Ziegler at Flyaways a lot because I think it hits some things we tend to miss doing home workouts. The sumo jump squats are great. Think about the inner thigh muscles that are required to snap together in a popa or even a split jump. The tuck-ins on the chairs add in quads as well as lower abdominals. And I personally believe wall walks are one of the most underrated exercises.


Athena Gymnastics Academy –

I like this core video because it’s simple and well-executed. It’s hard to keep tabs on gymnasts form via skype and while they are working out at home, and so I feel like providing them examples where execution is a focus even if they are common exercises is great. And these are common exercises for good reason, they closely resemble the body movements we want gymnasts to be able to recreate. Perfect practice makes perfect.



Precision South

ASF Gymnastics

Flyaways Gymnastics

Athena Gymnastics Academy





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