What I would add to daily warm-ups

I talked a lot about this at my clinics this summer, and at various congresses – so I wanted to do a little recap of a motto that I think holds true in the gym “what you do every day is more important than what you do every once in a while.” And I think it’s actually more true than we can even realize.

So one of the ways that I MAKE SURE that the things I think need to get done, get done, is to do them in warm-ups. Because let’s face it, we all run up against the clock during rotations, we’ve all got the kid who wants to take one more turn, sometimes setting up or doing conditioning just takes a little too long. We’ve all been there. So my way of planning for that is just to make my warm-ups a little longer and make sure I’ve got things I think we need in there.

Granted, with every group this may be a little different, but here are some staples I like:

    1. Shaping with sliders: This video is 32 seconds. 3-5 minutes of doing this circuit is killer, and does great things for core and shoulder strength and shapes

    1. Hollow shaping: I did a whole video on building a hollow chest, and there are tons of things in there. But even just doing uppers and hollow walks all of the different ways will pay off in a huge way on bars.
    1. Press walks: I love, love, love press walks. Straddled, piked, hold for 2 or 3 seconds. Great for shaping and shoulder strength.
  1. Handstand shaping: This can take the form of whatever handstand drill strikes your fancy but having SOME SORT of handstand shaping work in your warm-up I find is paramount

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