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So, today’s videos are kind of a mixed bag. They do however fall into a single theme — “GET IT RIGHT.” By that I don’t mean I am about to show you a single particular technique that is correct for teaching these skills. But more that, with whatever technique you are using it’s worth getting it right to first time. All too often I see coaches in the gym world rushing to teach a skill in order to get to the next one. The problem with this system is that eventually you can’t go any further. There are cracks in the foundation and they will catch up with the gymnast. It’s worth teaching skills “right” (this can mean many different things), so that your gymnasts can continue progressing and you (or someone else) don’t/doesn’t have to unteach/reteach things down the line.

This first video is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Justin Laury seems to spend an exceptional amount of time teaching flyaways, something that a great deal of coaches just have kids “throw.” The results are very telling, some of the best optional flyaways I’ve seen. They have great shapes and will be very easy to progress from.

Ankle Weights // Therabands

This second video is, I think, another good example. Hurdles are another one of those things that a lot of people don’t take the time to “teach.” But there is a danger in this, it can affect tumbling severely, but even more it can affect the quality of a child’s yurchenko in the future. Even the “smallest” things, are worth teaching right from the beginning.

What do you make sure to teach “right” early on?

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Ruth Judson

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