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Zari Goldmann, author and owner of Swing Big!, is proud to offer clinics to gyms that feel that their staff could benefit from high level training. Clinics are the best way of training a large group of your staff members in the same way, to ensure that your gymnasts are getting the best instruction possible, and that you are creating gymnasts that will be successful throughout their careers.

  • Clinics stress fundamentals, shapes and progressions
  • Clinics run 1-3 days with 6 hours per day
  • Clinic topics are determined based on your gyms particular needs



1Why should our gym host a clinic?
Clinics are the best, most efficient way to train your staff. Clinics allow an atmosphere where your staff can ask questions about what they are having difficulty with, the drills that are taught use YOUR equipment, and best of all, your entire staff is getting the same information so that you can be sure your gymnasts are getting consistent training.
2How many coaches can come?
There is no limit to the number of coaches that can come, though I recommend fifteen or fewer if possible. This allows participation of the group and clinics to be tailored to what they want to learn.
3How much do clinics cost?
For a 6 hour per day clinic, Swing Big! charges $799 for one day and $1,399 for two days plus travel. If you have 15 coaches attending the clinic, that works out to $53.20 per coach for one day and $93.20 for two days. These prices include handouts of topics covered for your staff and a personalized plan of clinic topics.
4What topics are covered in clinics?
Clinic topics vary depending on the needs of a specific gym. They range from recreational class circuits to developing yurchenko vaults and everything in between. All clinic topics, however, stress good shapes, progressions and teaching methods. If you'd like to see a list of previous clinic topics, click here.

What Clients Have to Say About Our Clinics

  • Tony Clarno, Director of Competitive Programs
    At JAG, we are committed to the continued education of our coaches and staff, always looking for the highest quality clinicians to share new perspectives. Zari Goldmann worked with all of our coaches, from our recreational program all the way through our optional USAG team, and even our management staff! Our experience was beyond our highest expectations. Her presentation was professional, detailed, and really spoke to her own passion for the sport of gymnastics. The material was invaluable. We grew as a staff, learned new things, and we recommend Swing Big! to any gym serious about improving the way they teach gymnastics their clients! Go Swing Big!
    Tony Clarno, Director of Competitive Programs
    JAG Gym
  • Jessie Walker
    We were so excited to have Zari come to Missouri and share her wisdom! And, we were not disappointed! She had so much information to offer, and many great ideas that we have already put into our practices with our competitive kids, and THEY WORK! I am happy to say that we are seeing great results with our coaches and our team! We WILL be doing this again soon!
    Jessie Walker
    Xtreme Gymnastics
  • Anne Fell Josephson, President
    As the owner of JAG, I just want to second Tony’s comments and tell you that I cannot recommend Zari Goldmann more highly. She is a marvelous clinician and is flexible and willing to adapt her training modules to whatever your club needs. Her presentations are informative and engaging and she is collaborative with the coaching staff in order to ensure the coaches get what they need from the training. You will not regret bringing her into your gym!
    Anne Fell Josephson, President

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