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Don’t let them do it wrong

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about habits. I recognize that the first, second even fifteenth time we ask a kids to do a new skill it isn’t going to be perfect. That being said, by the time a child attempts a skill by themselves I want them to have a good chance of doing it successfully. Even more than that I want it to be good enough that whatever goes wrong we can fix it quickly before whatever it is becomes a bad habit. Big examples of this (amoung other things) are: bent arms on kips and clearhips, and archy giants.

This first video is a great example I would love to see kids doing instead of trying a million kips by themselves. Until the mechanics of the kip are SOLID, spotted, and the shapes are relatively good (oh and the strength is there) I would really rather kids not try I million kips especially with bent arms (such a hard habit to break).

This second video is another great example. Teaching kids how to circle around the bar with straight arms (and in a good shape) is so, so, so important. And I would much rather coaches spend TOO MUCH time on these drills than not spend enough time and end up having to unteach bad habits later.

Train hard!

Circles need shapes too

Alright all you bars fans. Lets talk about circling elements today. There are dozens of ways to go about teaching a clear-hip. We all may have our personal preferences, but here are a couple videos that might be of use to you.

This first video is the Tumbl Trak product video for the Forster Bar. I personally LOVE this product. I think it adds a completely different dimension to the back extension roll drills a lot of us already currently use. The one thing I have to say is please, please, please spot for shapes at first. It’s incredibly easy for gymnasts to lose their body positions using this device.

This second video is of a set up I just think is fantastic. I like that the kids are able to swing up to a higher position than they would probably be able to cast to at this point, that the station is safe and fun.

What are your favorite drills for clear-hips?