Don’t let them do it wrong

Hi All,

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about habits. I recognize that the first, second even fifteenth time we ask a kids to do a new skill it isn’t going to be perfect. That being said, by the time a child attempts a skill by themselves I want them to have a good chance of doing it successfully. Even more than that I want it to be good enough that whatever goes wrong we can fix it quickly before whatever it is becomes a bad habit. Big examples of this (amoung other things) are: bent arms on kips and clearhips, and archy giants.

This first video is a great example I would love to see kids doing instead of trying a million kips by themselves. Until the mechanics of the kip are SOLID, spotted, and the shapes are relatively good (oh and the strength is there) I would really rather kids not try I million kips especially with bent arms (such a hard habit to break).

This second video is another great example. Teaching kids how to circle around the bar with straight arms (and in a good shape) is so, so, so important. And I would much rather coaches spend TOO MUCH time on these drills than not spend enough time and end up having to unteach bad habits later.

Train hard!

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