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Alternate uses for equipment

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So today I’m going to talk a little about a piece of equipment that I don’t think get’s used enough in a lot of gyms and those are parallel bars. There are SOO many things you can use them for, conditioning, kip drills, cast drills and a lot more. Here are some videos that might give you some ideas.

I actually really like this way of introducing kips. I’ve seen several coaches now doing this, and I think it’s awesome. Have you guys had much success with this?

P-bar swings are another one of my favorite drills. The bars don’t have to be nearly this high, and it’s a great way to build up shoulder strength. When kids get a little older and stronger they can easily spot each other going to handstand.

Train hard!

Can we talk about…?

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So can we talk about how much I LOVE people sharing their new/cool ideas. It actually (and this is going to sound super sappy) warms my heart when I see people in the gymnastics community actively posting videos, information and ideas that they think might help their fellow coaches. Here are a couple videos from channels that routinely post good things to watch.

handstand drill.jpg

This first video is actually a REALLY neat idea that Al Fong posted. Considering how many short handstands we see, I think it’s a great way to get kids aware of where they are, and keeping their shoulders over the bar.

This second drill is a really nice way of introducing front twisting. It enables kids to be on either side depending on which way they twist, it’s safe, it’s fun, and it’s begins the muscle memory process. I think it’s great.

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Cast to — what now?

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So lets talk casts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “that’s not horizontal!” or “that’s not handstand!” etc. And I can’t say that I’m innocent in this situation, or that those things don’t need to be said. But sometimes our kids require more than words. So lets look at a couple drills that will help your athletes get to that handstand position we all want.

This first video is a drill I love to start with my itty bitty ones. I like to get them over the fear of falling over the bar as early as possible. It also gets them pushing down on the bar.

This second video is a FANTASTIC drill. That being said, it requires a lot of body tension. Be sure to talk to your athletes before trying it about keeping their arms completely straight, their bodies tight etc. I completely recommend it, it just takes a little more talking through than some drills.

What are your favorite drills for cast handstands?

Practice, practice, practice!

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So today’s post is going to focus on PRACTICE. Because lets face it, trying to fix gymnastics in a meet just doesn’t work. Investing time everyday in the gym to reinforce strength, flexibility and correct body shapes is the only way to produce good gymnasts.

Fix problems in practice not in meets

This first video is a drill I LOVE using. Big thanks to coach Mary Lee Tracy for putting it up. I tend to introduce is once gymnasts have a good working knowledge of a round-off and the late snap together. My personal preference is to have kids end with their arms in front middle. They seem to have more body control that way. What are your favorite roundoff drills?

Building up strength and stamina for gymnasts on bars is incredibly difficult. This complex shared by coach Mike Durante is incredibly hard, but I think it emphasizes the fact that gymnasts need to be able to stay on the bars and continue swinging for a long period of time. What do you do to build stamina on bars?

Train hard!