Cast to — what now?

Hi All,

So lets talk casts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “that’s not horizontal!” or “that’s not handstand!” etc. And I can’t say that I’m innocent in this situation, or that those things don’t need to be said. But sometimes our kids require more than words. So lets look at a couple drills that will help your athletes get to that handstand position we all want.

This first video is a drill I love to start with my itty bitty ones. I like to get them over the fear of falling over the bar as early as possible. It also gets them pushing down on the bar.

This second video is a FANTASTIC drill. That being said, it requires a lot of body tension. Be sure to talk to your athletes before trying it about keeping their arms completely straight, their bodies tight etc. I completely recommend it, it just takes a little more talking through than some drills.

What are your favorite drills for cast handstands?


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