Practice, practice, practice!

Hi All!

So today’s post is going to focus on PRACTICE. Because lets face it, trying to fix gymnastics in a meet just doesn’t work. Investing time everyday in the gym to reinforce strength, flexibility and correct body shapes is the only way to produce good gymnasts.

Fix problems in practice not in meets

This first video is a drill I LOVE using. Big thanks to coach Mary Lee Tracy for putting it up. I tend to introduce is once gymnasts have a good working knowledge of a round-off and the late snap together. My personal preference is to have kids end with their arms in front middle. They seem to have more body control that way. What are your favorite roundoff drills?

Building up strength and stamina for gymnasts on bars is incredibly difficult. This complex shared by coach Mike Durante is incredibly hard, but I think it emphasizes the fact that gymnasts need to be able to stay on the bars and continue swinging for a long period of time. What do you do to build stamina on bars?

Train hard!

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  1. casie says:

    That 10/10/10/10 looks killer. Thanks for sharing

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