Toe Handstand Drills

We’ve been doing a lot of work lately on clear hips but this week we’ll be starting to work a little bit more on sole circles and toe handstands, so today I wanted to share some drills if you’re getting a little tired of only working on one circle.

Toe on handstands

This first drill is a nice way of starting to introduce the skill. I have gymnasts do a full sole circle and then press to pike handstand. This starts developing the understanding of the skill and getting them comfortable taking their feet off the bar in a pike etc.

This second drill is a great one especially if you don’t want to spot. Jumping from the blocks helps encourage the late drop toe on and this drill really helps gymnasts start to develop confidence.

If gymnasts are struggling to understand the late drop this is a nice floor drill they can do as a side station. The late drop is what generates the speed and power so gymnasts performing it well is incredibly important.

If you’ve got a couple minutes watch this video that Enrique Trabanino did where he goes into a little more detail about WHY this skill is taught from a late drop, where feet should be placed on the bar etc and what it leads into. It’s well worth your time.

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