Teaching doubles on tramp

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Today I thought I would do a quick post on one of my favorite uses for tramps which is air awareness and teaching doubles/twisting doubles. Doubles aren’t something you should be building air awareness with by doing a million on the floor. Your athletes bodies won’t be able to withstand it. That’s where the tramp comes in. It’s much better for their bodies, and they can take turn after turn.

trampoline double drills

This first video is a nice set up that Al Fong posted. I very much like that they are standing up and working on initiating the flip with their hips. I also like that those two stations are side-by-side. It keeps the kids thinking about the technique by moving back and forth. You can also to things like full twisting back tucks up to a resi-mat as a drill for full-ins.

This second drill is a nice drill for full-ins and is great for awareness. Like I said, anything you can do with double flipping that makes it so kids don’t have to take the pounding is better. This would be one of those examples. The other thing I like about this drill is that it breaks up the flip. Often gymnasts will get ahead of themselves in skills like these, so this slows the whole process down bit.

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