Talking Kips and Casts

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Gymnastics Australia put up this video from one of their clinics talking about kips and casts and I thought I would share it. It emphasizes 2 things that I talk about A LOT, those are shoulders over the bar on cast handstands, and making sure to jump and PUSH on the bar in kips. If there is no pressure the kip will be lackluster, and the cast handstand most likely will be as well. I’ll let you watch the video and then link to some old kipping and cast handstand posts that I think re-emphasize these points.

Cast Handstands

// Falling over (first video) // Quick Tip: Pike ups // Pike-up and Cast fall //


// Kips Deconstructed // Straddle pull-down cast // Connecting kips (keeping pressure) // Jump to the bar and push (first video) //

Train hard!

talking about kips and casts

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