Quick Tip: Cast Handstands

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I know I did one of these two weeks ago, but cast handstands are something a lot of people struggle with so I thought I would do one more. Today I am sharing one of my favorite drills. This is actually a drill you can start very, very early. I even do it with more advanced rec kids. My favorite way to do it is on a LOW, LOW bar with a couple soft mats on the other side and the push up as far as they can and then forward roll over and it helps with the fear of falling forward. Note, I spend a decent amount of time spotting these at first.

Quick tip cast handstand small.jpg.jpg

I always start doing these in regular grip. You can start doing them on a spotting block first as it helps gymnasts build confidence and strength before moving to a real bar. This drill both gets gymnasts leaning of the bar AND pushing down on it.

pike up normal grip small .jpg

Once they are proficient doing this in a normal grip I start having them do it in reverse grip. Getting your gymnasts on the bar and comfortable in all different grips is incredibly important and this is an easy way to build strength and get them doing things in reverse grip at the same time.

pike up reverse grip small.jpg

Train hard!

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