Cast handstands two ways

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Today I thought I would share a couple videos of drills for cast handstands. Coaches have different philosophies in their gyms. Some coaches only want their gymnasts to straddle, some coaches go to straddle casts as a last resort. It’s very much a personal preference. So I thought I would share a video of a drill for each.

This first video is a nice little set of progressions for straddle cast. I say this in almost every post about cast handstands, but I will say it again now, the biggest thing with cast handstands is making sure your gymnasts aren’t afraid to lean over the bar. If you can get them over that fear early (by doing things like putting a resi mat in front), you will dramatically increase your success in teaching these.

This second drill is a super easy drill for “straight body” cast handstands. I’ve seen it done like this or even over a beam. It’s great for helping kids understand that they need to lift their heels in the cast, how to lock out their handstands at the top, and general form and strength when you can’t do a million of them on the bar.

Train hard!

cast handstand drills

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