Stall bars aren’t just for leg lifts

Lately people have been getting so creative in the ways that they are using their stall bars that I felt I had to share. While stall bars for leg lifts area staple for me, there are SO MANY other things you can do with them (including flexibility). So here are some of the awesome things people have come up with.


These first two videos are just chalk full of ideas. This first one has some great stretches in it that can be done on stall bars. One of the reasons I love these stretches is that kids can move their hands up and down on the bars to get more or less of a stretch. It also breaks up the monotony of a normal flex routine. Trying picking one or two days a week and doing stall bar stretches instead – but when you first start you may want to pair kids up as there will be a lot of falling over trying to get into these stretches (funny in its own right, but not necessarily productive).



While I love MANY of the drills in this next video their are two in particular that I REALLY LIKE. Those are the oblique pulls that start at 0:23 and the sheep jump stretch at the end of the video. It’s hard to find good ways to stretch or train a sheep jump shape without a partner but I love this one.



While these next two videos are variations of leg lifts – they are variations that I don’t think get done nearly enough. There are lots of gymnasts who can bust out 20 leg lifts in a row without breaking a sweat that would struggle with some of these. Remember when you are working core muscles to work the ENTIRE core.


Train hard!


Nicole Love


El Paso Gymnastics East

Tumbl Trak

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    Thanks for sharing my video!

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