Split Leap Drills

A lot of gyms are heading into compulsory season right now – and even if you’re not you’re probably starting to think about routines etc. So I thought today would be the perfect day to share some leap drills.

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This first video has TONS of ideas for improving your gymnasts flexibility and their leg swing and timing. Split leaps are just one of those things that are neccessary but also sometimes hard to teach. We can often get frustrated with the “see-saw” or tiny split or lack of strength or flexibility. But setting up a rotation like this that kids can do for 10-15 minutes once or twice a week can be highly effective.

This second video is from a Tammy Biggs lecture on leaps – there are lots of good drills in here but I specifically chose it for the first one. This is a great drill for getting kids to push out of their bottom leg and foot. You can do it with split leaps, switch leaps, switch sides etc. And, when kids get good at it they can start going up to a panel mat. It’s also easier for them to feel if they are dropping their chest. If they drop their chest they tend to travel and that’s noticeable to them.

This next video also has a bunch of good split leap drills (and a great straddle jump drill too) – the leg swings on beam are great – if your kids can’t get their leg all the way onto the beam while completely straight that’s fine – it takes time to build up to that. Some of the jumping to split drills are great too – but with little ones I would start with a flat surface before moving to oversplit.

Finally this is another Tammy Biggs leap drill that was shown in the first video – but this one shows the drill a little better I think. Try to especially make sure that their back leg isn’t turned out TOO far. A lot of kids trying this drill will turn their back leg completely sideways to increase their split. Watch for that.


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