Quick Tip: Reverse Grip

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Today I thought I would share a little tip for something that I think needs to be worked on bars a lot more than it normally is. Our gymnasts spend an enormous amount of time in a regular grip on bars, but, in order for gymnasts to be successful in reverse grip (and other grips), they need to spend time in them. One way to do this is to have gymnasts perform handstand holds (or pike handstand holds) in alternate grips. That way, when those skills that need different grips come about, there is one less thing to get used to.


The first time your gymnasts try reverse grip handstands you may get some funky shapes. Be sure to help them figure out how their body should feel, where their ribs and head should be etc. If they are having a really hard time at first you have have them do pike handstands or one leg pike handstands in reverse grip in order to help correct any shaping issues.

Reverse handstand quick tip



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