Quick Tip: Bars when you don’t have bars

Hi All,

I wanted to share a quick video I did a while ago on getting “bars time” in when you aren’t on bars. I do lots of this kind of stuff because it’s a great way you can get your shaping and conditioning stuff done, and it can be set up during a floor rotation, on the vault runway etc.

Quick Tip - doing bars when you don't have bars

In this video:
1. Pike handstands – can be done on a floor bar when ready (see them on beam)
2. Handstands on barrel (see better example here)
3. Handstand levers (see one leg version here)
4. Cast holds – can also be done on floor bar
5. Hand switches in casting shape

Circuits like this can be easily modified to fit the level you need. If you have lower level gymnasts I would do a lot of kip compression stuff and and beginning shaping work. As they work up the levels I would start throwing in more weight transfer work for pirouettes etc.

Other things you could add to this circuit:
1. Push-up walks on floor bars

2. Pike ups on blocks

3. Any of this pirouetting complex

4. Handstand shaping right side up

5. Handstand drill with barrel (shown in video but it’s better here)

6. Handstands right side up with foam

7. Bent knee hollow holds and rocks


If you can’t get enough of these kinds of drills, be sure to check out the Swing Big! Shop. There are hours of instructional content there for instant download.


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  2. […] Zari Goldmann gives an example of Bar drills you can use without putting kids on an actual […]

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