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Vaulting without touching the table

I gave a compulsory vaulting lecture at the Gymnastics Ontario Congress where I talked a little bit about how if I had my way I […]

Building a hollow chest

Hi All, I wanted to share with you today a few of the idea I shared at national congress last week. The video below is […]

Arm strength for rec and lower level gymnasts

Hi All, I wanted to share a couple videos today of things to do to increase arm strength in your rec and lower level team […]

More Uses For Physio Balls

Hi All, Today I wanted to share even more uses for physio balls. These are quite easily in my top 3 most used pieces of […]

Jumping to the high bar

I wanted to do a quick post on jumping to the high bar today. It’s a skill that easily gets looked ever for “bigger and […]

What I would add to daily warm-ups

I talked a lot about this at my clinics this summer, and at various congresses – so I wanted to do a little recap of […]

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