More Uses For Physio Balls

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share even more uses for physio balls. These are quite easily in my top 3 most used pieces of equipment in the gym, and are especially good for strengthening the core – and adding intensity to exercises gymnasts are already proficient at.

Even more uses for physio balls

I really like the twisting action in the side-to-side exercise in this video. It’s easy to overlook the obliques – but they are incredibly important. Also – for those gymnasts of yours who are already proficient in doing push-up holds with their feet on the ball – this is a great next step.

We often use the ball for core work – but this is a fantastic way to add them into a leg workout/circuit. If you need a new vault side station – try this.

Finally, this is a series of great drills to do on bars. It’s the easiest side station in the world to set-up and you’ll see HUGE improvements in your gymnasts core stability if you do them consistently.

Train hard!

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