Jumping to the high bar

I wanted to do a quick post on jumping to the high bar today. It’s a skill that easily gets looked ever for “bigger and better” things like high bar kips and tap swings. But this skill requires just as much attention to detail as we give to everyone else.

The first part of this is making sure that kids are confident in their squat ons. If they aren’t – they’ll rush the jump to the high bar and the form will go out the window. Here are a couple easy drills to do with your kids. Once the squat on is good (even on a floor bar) have them try to squat on and stand up – then jump to a mat in front of them.

The second video is one I’ve shared before but I love it. Especially with small kids I would start would jumping from floor bar to low bar. It’s easier to spot and correct shapes – and it helps them build confidence.

The third video is a really nice use for a pac man (back handspring trainer) – for keeping kids hollow when they jump. This is pretty easy to set up and it’s super effective. You can also set it up on low bar.

This last one is a JAOVideos jumping to the high bar video. There is lots of great stuff in here – including moving the bars closer together so that kids can hold hollow between the bars. GREAT IDEA!

Train hard!

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