More summer conditioning ideas

As we move into summer I’m focusing A LOT more on conditioning. The new skills will come so much more easily if the kids are strong in both their overall body and their shapes. That being said, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with conditioning. So I thought I would share some more ideas.


I really, really like this bars shaping circuit. It’s something that you can get done in a short period of time (if you know what you’re setting up) and can make a huge difference if done every day. The one thing I would say is set your expectations high. Don’t let them slop through circuits, use summer to set your expectations and enforce them so that when season comes it isn’t a battle.

Tom Stevens did a nice quick lecture on leg conditioning that has some great ideas about leg conditioning he also talks a little about hurdles and has some interesting thoughts.

I’m loving this way of doing chin-ups. I had never thought of it before. It’s an easy way to keep kids from cheating. You can also just put a foam block on their legs.

I love, love, love stability balls and they’ve been coming out a lot recently. We’ve been doing dips on p-bars but I may have to add these dips in too.

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  1. wordsmith says:

    Good stuff!

    My old gym used to do chin ups like that on the stall bars in the 3rd video.

    Sometimes for little ones, I’d have them do it on the low bar with a block in front of it (creating a wall). Those who were tall would bend their knees behind them. I didn’t always discourage “cheats” who would use their feet on the wall for an assist; because for young beginners who may not even be able to do one, it’s as good as giving them a spot if they use a bit of legs to get their chins over the bar so long as they still come down slow and controlled.

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