Level 3 and 4 Bars

When we were making our summer rotation schedules I was asked what I wanted. The one request I had was that we get as much time on bars as possible. There is so much shaping work, conditioning, and new skill development that I felt needed to be done with our compulsories this summer, it’s where I felt we really needed to focus. So that being said – I wanted to share some videos of things you can do with your 3s and 4s.


This first video is a really nice example of a circuit for in this case level 4s. I like that it has strength, uptraining and skills all built into it because it helps the kids not get bored. The one thing I might do is actually turn it into two circuits and double the kids, or something like that so that they can help correct each others shapes, or make sure they are being tight. The one problem I have with so many stations is a lack of quality control.

This next one is a nice break down of several progressions of kipping. We’ve been doing jump and push on the bar, multiple glides, then two glides to pull toes to the bar (making sure their head is in). If they can’t get their feet up quickly after the second glide their is probably something technically wrong with it, or their core is weak.

This is another really nice circuit, again, just more ideas for your level 3s. Watch the front hip circle drill in the back, it’s actually a great drill and really helps remind kids to stretch at the beginning and not pike too early.

We’ve had to adjust some of our conditioning for newer girls who may not be as strong in their core, but I didn’t want to take out leg lifts or toes to bar holds because they are too important. So the compromise I’ve come to is full leg lifts but on a slant (ie a spring board propped up on something) so they are still getting full range of motion but can do their conditioning with correct form and the same amount of numbers.

Video Credits: (1) xgtkids (2) Juston Ziegler (3) Delta Gymnastics (4) Gymnast Crossing

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  1. Christina says:

    I have a question about the 3rd video.
    The video shows the gymnasts arching into their front hip circle.
    Should it be an arch position or hollow position?

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