Hurdle Drills

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I wanted to share a couple great hurdle drills today. Hurdles are something you need to pay special attention too because so many things can go wrong that will cause problems later. Cross stepping can cause huge issues with Yurchenkos, wide arms can cause problems with round offs on beam and on and on. So it’s especially important that gymnasts know where all of their body parts are supposed to be in their hurdle, and how to be aggressive with good technique.

Hurdle drills - for correct aggressive hurdles

I really, really like things coming from a knee. I think it really helps exaggerate that push that gymnasts need to feel. I think my favorite progression in here is probably three, the one with the needle kick. I think that’s part of the round off that sometimes doesn’t get enough time in training, so to combine the nice hurdle drill with the needle kick is perfect.

Again, I like that this one comes from a knee, but I also like that they are putting their shins flat on the wall. This is really about where I want their shins in their hurdle (perpendicular to the ground), I don’t want their shins tucked underneath them.

Video Credits: Mary Lee Tracy

Train hard!

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  1. Jerry says:

    I love this one Zari! I hope to see you working with the girls from our gym again next summer at the JAO camp!

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