Here It Is! Video 2: Swing Big Training Preview

I can’t wait to help you start taking your coaching (and your gymnasts) to new heights! is my way of creating a comprehensive resource of drill videos exclusive to Swing Big! that will grow over time, is easily searchable and, even better, has TONS of ideas.

In case you missed the first preview video (yurchenko drills) you can watch it HERE.

Today’s preview is cartwheels and round offs (YAY!)

Come on over and join and you’ll get four new videos (much like these) on the 15th of every month! These videos will be exclusive to the membership site (ie. they won’t be on this one), and you’ll have full access to the entire library as it grows!

Just a quick reminder for everyone registering for (THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU!!!) – once you pay through paypal – WAIT for paypal to forward you back to the site. It will take you to a page where you can make a username and password. Happy training!! —

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The more the merrier!

Train hard!

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