Back extension roll drills

It’s compulsory season in a lot of places right now – and I know lots of people (including myself) are always looking for new back extension roll drills. Doing them off of panel mats can get super repetitive so if there is any way to mix it up and get better shapes I’m willing to try it.

Teaching back extension rolls

This first video has a couple really good drills in it by Tom Stevens. The first one is one I like especially because it teaches kids to keep their ribs in as they open their shoulders. The second drill while being very spotting intensive is really good especially for the kids who need to FEEL the shape in order to be able to apply it.

This next video I LOVE for it’s shaping and conditioning. We’ve started doing the drill at 1:25 in pike handstand so that kids can control their ribs a little more and so far I’m really liking it. But all of this conditioning is applicable and if you’re gymnasts are having a hard time with shapes, think about going back to this.

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