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Fun Friday #13

Hi All!

Fun Friday again! YIPPEE! Let’s get to it!

I’m going to let this routine speak for itself. Alright, one comment, AWESOME! Enjoy.

p.s. – I LOVE the choreography. You can tell it was anything but an afterthought.

Second video. When I first saw this video my first reaction was “hehehe, YES, YES, YES.” You don’t see this combination much on beam. I’m a huge proponent of trying new things on every event. Variety is AWESOME. Let your kids play around with combinations. See what they come up with.

Train hard!

Itty Bitties

Hi All,

So I’ve been doing a lot of skill specific posts. I thought today I might do a level/age related post. Here are some things that might help your lower level gymnasts.

This first is a great series of exercises for pullovers. A big thanks to Mary Lee Tracy for putting this up.

The second video is a video of cartwheels for beam. I have to say I use cartwheels against the wall frequently. Both with stomach and back against the wall. Back against the wall tends to fix a head sticking out problem, while stomach against the wall helps the gymnast understand where vertical is.

Foam Floor Beam

What are your favorite drills for your lower level kids?