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More Beam Back Handspring Drills

Hey all, just wanted to offer some great drills and tips for developing a great back handspring on beam – what I consider to be one of the most important skills to train on beam. First you want to take a look at timing. Here are some of my favorite drills to teach the rhythm and timing of a back handspring step out.

rethinking gymnastics complexes

This should be done first with slow controlled movements (without weights) you don’t want the gymnast trying to pull the weight over their body by sagging their shoulders into the floor and losing shape. That being said, make sure to emphasize that they are pushing into the floor to make themselves tall. Progress onto quicker kicks and adding resistance via bands or weights when they’re ready.

Aside from the shoulder strength and control needed to resist twisting out of a step out, the jump is the area that I like to drill the most often. I try to tell my girls to jump as high as they can so as to give themselves plenty of time to find and put their hands down on the beam. Here are my favorite ways to get that jump nice and strong.

Tumbling up is what I’ve found works best to teach a strong jump. Add any one of the following in as a side station during your beam rotation and you’re set. Not videoed is a drill I like where the gymnasts starts with her feet on a low or floor beam, and does a BHS up to and elevated surface.

Here are two ways I progressively teach hand placement on the beam. With the second, the gymnast can begin moving quicker as she gets better at the drill.

Occasionally you’ll have a gymnast who seems to rebound out of that back handspring and fly off the beam. Or they have a hard time absorbing their power into their legs and sticking the skill. This is an awesome drill to work those tiny stabilizing muscles that are necessary for a controlled landing. This drill works across the board for most any skill that finishes in a lunge.

My last piece of advice is to get those numbers in. Do dozens on a line each day, or dozens on a fat floor beam, or dozens on a stacked low beam, whichever suits your facility and gymnasts. This is simply to build that muscle memory that is so important.

But wait! We’re on floor?!

Hi All,

Alright so today’s post is about working beam skills, ON THE FLOOR. This is SO, SO, SO important. If you can’t do it perfectly on the floor (or pretty darn close), the chances of you successfully on the beam are almost none. Also, there are tons and tons and tons of fantastic beam drills you can do on the floor/panel mats if say…all the beams are taken.

This first video is a very nice set up Al Fong posted. It’s a great drill period, but this set up allows it to be done with a larger group which is even better. Getting young kids to have the muscle memory of kicking over the top in cartwheels on the beam (even if it’s a floor beam) is really important.

This second video has a number of drills for front aerials, back handsprings, back walkovers and onodis. All done on the floor. Pick some, add them to your beam (or floor) rotation. See how much they help!

For more drills and exercises to create strong, confident, technically correct beam workers look here:
Building Up Beam: Drills to Build Confidence and Correctness

Train hard!

Fun Friday #16

Hi All!!

Yipee for Fun Friday!!

First of all, look at this little cutie! Oh, and btw, I think those beam expanders are awesome. Such big confidence boosters.

Secondly, can we have more people compete this mount? Pretty please! Tis’ awesome.

Train hard!

Fun Friday #12

Hi All!

It’s Fun Friday again! Without further adieu here are this weeks videos.

It’s rare that I actually look at something and giggle to myself about how cool it is. Inside Zari’s brain commentary “hehehehe, that’s really cool!” See for yourself.

I’ve seen this second one competed in FIG, but never in JO. How cool would that be?

And a pretty picture to send you on your way:

Train hard!

There can never be enough (variety that is)

Hi All,

So it’s summer time (you couldn’t tell by the weather here), but nonetheless, people are putting together off season workouts, new weekly assignments etc. And I just thought I’d put in my two cents. I think summer is a great time to work variety, on variety on variety. It’s a fantastic time to figure out your athletes strengths and weaknesses, to figure out what new skills may come easily to them and what are some that may take some time. And it’s a great time to try some unexpected things.

This first video is one about jumps on beam. The one thing I want to emphasize is doing things on both legs. This is GREAT. Another thing to think about is when you’re having kids working turning jumps on beam, have them work them both ways too, even if they just start on a line on the floor.

This second drill is a good, fun drill for switch side leaps. It’s a nice set up once you’ve taught kids the basics of the skill. Of course as kids get better the mat can get higher etc.

What are your favorite things to have kids try in the off season?

Variety on beam

Photo Credit: Erin Costa