There can never be enough (variety that is)

Hi All,

So it’s summer time (you couldn’t tell by the weather here), but nonetheless, people are putting together off season workouts, new weekly assignments etc. And I just thought I’d put in my two cents. I think summer is a great time to work variety, on variety on variety. It’s a fantastic time to figure out your athletes strengths and weaknesses, to figure out what new skills may come easily to them and what are some that may take some time. And it’s a great time to try some unexpected things.

This first video is one about jumps on beam. The one thing I want to emphasize is doing things on both legs. This is GREAT. Another thing to think about is when you’re having kids working turning jumps on beam, have them work them both ways too, even if they just start on a line on the floor.

This second drill is a good, fun drill for switch side leaps. It’s a nice set up once you’ve taught kids the basics of the skill. Of course as kids get better the mat can get higher etc.

What are your favorite things to have kids try in the off season?

Variety on beam

Photo Credit: Erin Costa

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