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Drills for front handsprings and beyond

Today I thought I’d share some videos of progressions leading up to front handsprings. Good front handsprings require a lot of components – a strong, […]

Tammy Biggs – Leap and Flexibility Drills

The clinic in Iowa last weekend could not have gone better. Granted I was EXHAUSTED when I got home on Monday and slept for about […]

More summer conditioning ideas

As we move into summer I’m focusing A LOT more on conditioning. The new skills will come so much more easily if the kids are […]

Blind change drills

I thought I would do a post today on blind changes. We’ve been working on them lately in the gym so I thought I would […]

Compulsory Leaps & Jumps Series – Building Strength

This is the first post in a series we have put together pertaining to compulsory leaps and jumps. Before we dive into drills, we first […]

The Complete Compulsory Training Guide

This is my favorite Swing Big! Product thus far! The Complete Compulsory Training Guide is meant to be an all-encompassing plan for training gymnasts from […]

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