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Fun Friday – #73

Hi All, I’m hoping you’ve had a great week. I’m off to do a clinic in Missouri this weekend, so this week I’ve been writing […]

Fun Friday – Compulsory Season

Hi All, Yay, it’s here. Compulsory season is back! Well, for some people. I’ve been really happy seeing Youtube videos of compulsories crop up again. […]

Fun Friday #74

Hi All, I hope you are having a great week. I’ve got a weekend off from clinics before heading to Kansas next weekend and I […]

Fun Friday #76

Hi All, I hope you’ve been having a fantastic week, I know I have. I’ve been doing a bunch of Build Your Dream Team sessions […]

Fun Friday #77

Hi All, I hope you’re weeks are going well. It has been another busy week for me with Swing Big! but only in the best […]

Fun Friday #78

Hi All, I hope you have been having a wonderful week. I’m taking a quick (4 day) and much needed vacation. It’s always nice to […]

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