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Never want to see it

Hi All,

Alright so I’ve done a post kind of on this before, but I have a basic rule for beam, it’s not hard an fast, but as a general rule I never want to see anything put on the beam that can’t be done correctly up to a panel mat on floor. That includes any flipping skills (front and back), leaps (although there are exceptions for things like rings), even jumps to a certain extent. Here are a couple videos as examples.

When to put skills on the beam

This first one is a perfect example of a beam series up to a panel mat. I, personally, would add series up to panel mats (as long as they’re already proficient on the floor) to every days be assignment. It doesn’t have to be a large number 3-5 will often due. But having a side station set up where EVERYONE is expected to do their series every day will help tremendously.

This second one is basically just illustrative of what I was saying earlier. ANYTHING (or almost anything) can be done up to a mat. Long story short, before you tell your kids to try anything on the beam make sure they can do it up to a panel mat. It will make for prettier, more confident gymnasts.

Train hard!