Quick Tip: Developing Handstand Shapes

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Today’s Quick Tip is going to be about developing handstand shapes. There are hundreds of drills to do this, and probably as many different schools of thought about it, but today I wanted to share a really good drill. I started using this version after I saw Rachael Tracy talking about it on gymnastike. I had always done something similar to it on the floor (sometimes with straight legs, sometimes with bent), but I really like this weighted version of it.

quick tip developing handstands.jpg

This drill helps gymnasts feel open shoulders while maintaining a correct position with their back. This is just another way that you can help gymnasts feel the correct position. The more time your gymnasts can spend with their backs flat and the arms open, the better their muscle memory for handstands will be. It’s not always necessary for gymnasts to be upside down in order to work their handstands. Like I said, you can do similar drills to this on the floor but I don’t think they are quite as effective. You can also use a panel mat or spotting block for this drill, and use it as one of your circuit stations.

quick tip handstand drill.jpg


Train hard!

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