JAOVideos Camp Recap

Hi All,

I promised you a camp recap and today I’m delivering. I really can’t say enough good things about this camp. Everyone was excited to work and to learn. The atmosphere was phenomenal and everything ran smoothly. I’ll mostly stick to what I was doing on beam, but be aware that there were awesome things happening on absolutely every event.

JAOVideos Summer Camp Recap

Day 1: Day 1 definitely felt the longest just because we didn’t have a lunch break. We had six forty minute rotations which felt really fast. I focused on a couple things day 1:

#1) LEVERS, LEVERS, LEVERS at every level (for series). Lower levels did levers with foam blocks. Higher levels did handstands coming down on a straight leg to a pointed back toe and flat hips (no lunging).

#2) Split jumps/leaps. All levels did split jumps up to a panel mat and leap hops up to a panel mat

#3) Pike handstands! I think the only group that didn’t do these were the 5s-8s.

Pike handstands

Day 2: Day 2 was our long rotation day, we had fifty minutes. Every group on day 2 started out with partner stretching.

Partner stretching

We also started working on some new acro stuff, cartwheel step-ins for lower levels (I like to drill dismounts SUPER EARLY), and hurdling into cartwheels and round offs (on floor beams) for the upper levels as well as upgraded dismounts (there were other acro stations too).

My four side stations mostly focused on leg tightening as it was something that was useful across all levels.

Leg tightening

Day 3: Day 3 complex was really short, but we did try some new things. Remember those 8 count warm-up arms I posted? Well we added them to walks. Lower levels had some trouble with the coordination of it (and remembering), but it got better as the levels went up and with more repitition. It’s a great drill.

We really started the fun stuff on Day 3. After a few days of drills, drills, levers, and more drills we finally started putting stuff together. Some of the 3s and 4s started hurdling on the low beam into cartwheels (a few were even round offing well). Tic tocs were becoming tic toc back walkovers, and we had a number of optionals making really good progress on learning layout step outs.

Overall it was a great weekend. Lots of corrections were made, lots of confidence gained, and everyone worked hard and had fun while doing it.

Other fun things
Conditioning station

JAOVideos camp

You can keep up with JAOVideos camp updates on Facebook and look out for info on next years camp. I’m sure it will be just as amazing.

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