Quick Tip: Two things to add to your warm-up

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share two things that I pretty much always keep in my warm-ups. I get a lot of people asking me about how to make their gymnasts presentation better, telling me that they have issues with form or overall sloppiness in their gym, and they just don’t know how to combat it.

Two ways to improve presentation during warm-ups

Below are videos of two of the things that I do. Adding these to the everyday warm-up is my way of keeping kids sharp. It’s one of the parts of the warm-up that I watch particularly closely and I don’t hesitate to stop the kids and have them do it over. It’s too important. Also, with little ones it’s a good time to fix their lunges. Make sure their back heals are down, their bellies aren’t out etc. Lunges are done on both legs because one of them is their handstand and the other leg is their cartwheel.

Train hard!

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