Fun Friday #64

Hi All,

It’s been a fantastic week! I’m glad everyone liked Monday’s post on kips so much. I’ll be doing more of those in the future, as well as starting a couple more new features on the blog that I hope everyone enjoys. I put a question out on Facebook this week to see what people wanted to see Swing Big! produce more of. My goal is to make Swing Big the best coaching resource possible, and that means finding out what YOU need to take your coaching to the next level. Feel free to leave a comment on Facebook or shoot me an email at to let me know what would help you and your gymnasts.

This first video is of a lovely little bars combo from an Aerial Athletics gymnast I believe. Such pretty lines! And I love weilers.

This second video is of Maile O’Keefe’s current beam routine. I’m starting to get really excited for classics and championships!

Train hard!

Fun Friday

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