Fun Friday #39 – Throwback

Hi All,

Today for Fun Friday I thought it would be fun to pull some of my favorite videos from previous Fun Fridays. Since there have been 39 of them already there were so many videos to pick from. But here are some of my favorites:

Quintuple Turn on Beam

Bailey Nicoletti’s floor routine from Wildfire gymnastics

This split jump 1/1 to ring

Simone Biles HUGE yurchenko double back!

Emily Gaskins floor routine from JO Nationals

Train hard!


  1. Jason Nicoletti says:

    It was awesome to see my daughter, Bailey Nicoletti, on your fun friday 39 throwback. Your archives don’t go far enough back to see the original blog you had for her floor routine. Anyway you can access it and send it to me. It would be neat to show Bailey the original blog about her routine.

    Thanks, Jason Nicoletti

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