Even more side stations for bars

Hi All,

Today I’m going to share a couple more side stations for bars. These stations require minimal set-up and you get a lot of bang for your buck. These are some of my go to stations if I don’t have a lot of prep time. Just throw a spotting block and a barrel against a wall and you’ve got two awesome stations with almost no work.

This first station is for handstands/shaping. By only having their shoulders on the barrel they are also getting really good core work. The one thing you have to watch for is the chin ducking. I like a more neutral head position (like she has at the beginning of the video).

This second drill is a great one if you just have a spare spotting block hanging around. It’s a similar drill as one of my favorite cast handstand drills, just duplicated on a block. It’s great for improving shoulder strength.

Train hard!

handstand drill.jpg

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