Quick Tip: Static stalder hold

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So I did this post a little bit ago about how it’s necessary to teach our athletes how to maintain their shapes while moving. But I thought I’d share something on the other end of the spectrum today. Because sometimes (often) static is good. Static is where we start before we start trying to maintain shapes while moving.

I really, really like this drill. Do any of you have gymnasts who bend their arms and arch their backs and stick their heads out when they cast handstand (straddle-up)? This drill is for them. While I would prefer the bar be just a tiny bit closer to the mat, it really depends on the flexibility of your athlete. But this drill helps get them pushing down on the bar, rounding their backs and keeping their heads in.

Stalder hold small


Train hard!

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  1. Cheryl Randl says:

    Awesome coaching tips!! Keep up the excellent work!

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