Yurchenko Drills – Using Resilite System

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So when I talk about yurchenkos, especially when I’m giving a clinic there is one thing I emphasize above all else, and that is getting gymnasts consistent before ever moving it to the table. I want them to be able to hit the board consistently in the same spot before we ever start thinking about putting a table behind them. That isn’t today say that I don’t want them working the entry – it’s just to say that I want them doing it onto something like a resi or 8″ mats. Something where if they mess up it won’t result in a lot of fear.

Yurchenko vaults - using the resilite vault system

Tony Retrosi posted a really nice video of a whole series of drills (in a whole bunch of places) that you can do with the Resilite Vault System. The more I watch the video that more I like this system. I really like the raised round off mat – the numbers are incredibly helpful in building consistency and best it looks like a great way to transition to the table – something that I’ve seen people struggle with. You can also do all of these drills with normal 8″ mats – and you can use tape to create zones like with the Resilite system.

This is a second video put out by Resilite. Here they’re actually starting using it at full height from a spring board. It’s nice to see the transition from little ones in the first video learning to get a consistent round off – back handspring to using it as a whole second vault.

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