Yurchenko drills to break up vault during season

Hi All,

Today I wanted to share some yurchenko drills that can help break up the monotony during season. There are a certain number of repetitions we just HAVE to get done during season – but it’s also hard when gymnasts get bored, or WE get bored. So here are some ways of getting in your yurchenkos (and drills) that you may want to try.

This first set-up is one I really like for getting kids to focus on the skill as to separate things – 1) the entry and repulsion 2) the flip. You can also build this drill up, so that gymnasts are focusing on going up even more before they flip. It engages their brains in a little different way.

If you feel like your gymnasts’ bodies have been taking a bit too much of a pounding Tumbl Trak is a great way to go. You don’t need the vault attachment seen in this video (though it is nice to have) – you do much the same things with a simple level 3 vault system, spotting blocks etc. But what you want to be doing here is 1) retaining muscle memory and 2) refining things like shoulder angle and technique.

If you’re looking for a yurchenko side station – or just a way to vault without really having to vault, check out this drill. It’s a good way to work on round off turn over, shoulder angle and getting the chest up without having to go over the table, and without your athletes having to take the pounding.

Train hard!

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