Yurchenko drills to add to your vault warm-up

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So a lot of people ask me what to do in their vault warm-up, and if I really find the typical vault warm-up effective. The simple answer is yes, with the condition that kids are doing things (especially running drills), with their full effort and understand why they are doing them and how to apply them to their actual run. That being said, the typical running warm-up can get dull, and may not hit all of the aspects of the vault that you want it to. So today I’m sharing a video that Mary Lee Tracy did for drills for turning over the round off that you may want to add to your vault warm-up.

Yurchenko drills to add to your vault warm-up

I would even do these with your kids who are still competing handsprings as it’s good to drill them early. Some of these (needle kicks included) may even be important enough to add to your general warm-up. Not turning over the round off can be one of the biggest problems in yurchenkos so it’s important that we drill that turn over a lot. But, as we all know we get bored with some drills after a while. One of the things I really like about this video is it shows several drills that get at the same thing.

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