Yurchenko Drills: First half

Hi All,

So today I thought I would share a few yurchenko drills specifically looking at how to the gymnast turns over from her round off and impacts/leaves the table. This part of the vault is completely crucial. If you athletes don’t have a good concept of how the first part of the vault works, and a decent mastery of the shapes there is no point in flipping.

Drill yurchenko entries

I talk a lot about saving our athletes bodies. Coming up with ways to drill the same things without all of the pounding. This is a great drill for teaching athlete the body position they need to turn over in, how they should impact the table, where vertical is etc. But it’s all done on tramp so the impact is lower than say going onto a panel mat.

This second video is a set of blocking drills from Mary Lee Tracy. I haven’t actually used the second drill. I like the concept but I would want to try it with one of my gymnasts before speaking more about it. But the first and third are definitely worth doing.

Train hard!

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