You don’t always have to be on a bar

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Today I’m going to share a couple ideas of working on bars skills when you aren’t actually on the bar. With only so many sets of bars in a gym it’s important that we keep our kids productive and working even when all of the sets are taken.

This first video is a great geinger drill by Al Fong. The shaping is nice, the late twist is lovely. And best of all athletes can built muscle memory by doing dozens of these on tramp when they could only get a couple turns in on the bar.

This second is a video with a bunch of demonstrations of the Forster bar. It’s incredibly hard to simulate the feeling of a bar. But I think the Forster bar does a better job of it than anything I’ve seen. When they say it’s a lot more difficult they mean it. It also means there is a lot more potential for things to get ugly, because of that I would make sure your kids are really competent in their shapes before starting to use it. But it’s a PHENOMENAL tool.

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