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So today I’m going to talk a little about handstands, specifically on bars. Basically my philosophy is, you can’t be in handstands/doing handstands too much on bars. Now hang on a sec, there is a contingency to that, that isn’t the case if your handstands are in bad shapes. If they are, pike handstands and other drills are your best friends and you can never do THOSE too much.

Muscle memory

This first video is a GREAT drill. I really like this set-up, I actually used it for the first time just the other day and it worked out great. It gave the kids a much better body awareness and the shapes that came out of it were REALLY nice.

This second video has SO MANY different drills that kids can do in handstand. Whether they are level 4s and just starting to learn about one arm handstands or level 8s and learning to do blinds there is something in here for everyone.

Train hard!


  1. wordsmith says:

    First video: I haven’t tried it with the Hot Shots yet (would probably have to use a push-up bar to block off the front end from potential rolling), but they could probably face the other way as well. Since they’re Hot Shots (our 6 yr olds and still non-competing developmentals), I might raise the octagon another panel mat higher. It’d give her balance more support (whether she needs it or not, the focus here is on alignment), but what I’m really thinking is it will provide some room for her head or chin (depending on which way she’s facing) so she can spot between her hands.

    Here’s also another drill use for the same kind of setup.

  2. Michael Durante says:

    I agree with both handstand videos. I have started to spot all my handstands by pushing on the gymnasts shoulder blades, right below the neck to open up the shoulders. It works wonders and works instantly! I also have another great drill for handstand positioning. I will shoot a video tomorrow and share it with SwingBig

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