Working the drop in clear hips

Hi All,

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the drop phase of clear hips. I think a lot of people get caught up in the opening phase of clear hips, and don’t realize that a good strong drop phase makes all the difference in the world, and also that if something is wrong in the drop phase that it will effect the clear hip despite having a good second half.

In this first video Enrique Trabanino talks a little about the shaping of the drop. This is something that’s really important to explain to your gymnasts. Before putting almost anything on the bar this is one of the most important concepts that they should understand. And mind you, that round back pressure on the bar point he is making is possibly the most important part.

This second video is a really great one looking at the first half of the circle. This is a nice series of progressions that are totally worth taking the time to spot. If you put in the time in the beginning of the circle training the drop the whole process will end up being easier.

Train hard!

Training the drop into clear hips

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