Why would you ever need to handstand?

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I’m going to talk a little about handstand pirouettes today. The title of this post is a little bit of an exaggeration, of course we all know that having a good handstand pirouette requires spending a decent amount of time in handstand. That being said, I think there is A LOT you can do without ever being in a handstand. Also young athletes may not quite yet have the strength to hold the body positions we need them to, to do handstand drill after handstand drill. I’m just going to share on video today, but it’s got so many great drills I think it totally makes up for it.

This is a great video of ALL KINDS of pirouetting drills that can be done without being in handstand. That’s not to say that body shapes aren’t hugely important still, but often it’s easier for athletes to fix their shapes standing up, or in a push-up position than it would be in handstand.

If you enjoyed these drills and would like to find more ways of improving your gymnasts pirouettes my ebook on them can be found here — Pirouetting Drills

Pirouetting Drills

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