What to do when you don’t have a vault

Hi All,

Today I thought I would throw out a couple ideas for what you may want to do when you can’t vault. These aren’t exactly new and novel. But it’s always good to be conscious of how much pounding our gymnasts are taking, and if you’re trying to get a lot of numbers in on vault this summer, you might think of spending a little more time on things like these, and a little less time with the table.

Learning from others

This first one is a very common, and also very effective tsuk drill. This is a lot of where I like to focus on head position and getting the girls thinking about what their arms are doing and not just flipping. You can also set up the same drill with two springboards on top of each other.

This second one is a great variation of a yurchenko set-up I have seen many times. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the use of the Air Floor Pro, really, it’s a fantastic product. Great for tumbling, but apparently vaulting now too! Also I like this drill because it splits up the vault, letting the gymnast focus on one piece at a time.

Train hard!

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