What happens before the vault

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I’m going to share a few thoughts today on what happens before the actual vault. Developing power and speed in a run is just as important as developing the shapes and technique in the vault. Starting when kids are young is great. Developing a correct arm swing (even sitting down), and making sure kids are running straight. But here are some ideas to add to your workout.

hurdle drill

This first video is of a really nice speed drill Al Fong posted. I personally remember doing these almost every day as an optional. It’s super easy to add into warm-up or conditioning. Especially if you do lines or relays in your warm-up it’s a great thing to add in. I promise you’ll see a difference in your kids running.

This second one is one that I normally call “power skips.” The goal is to get as high as you can, pushing all the way through legs and feet, and to use arms effectively. It’s one of my staples in vault complexes. It develops a tremendous amount of power, and also gets kids pushing all the way through their feet.

Train hard!

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